Terms & Conditions

These Terms and Conditions apply to all facilities hired to, and work done by Black Elephant Digital for, our clients unless otherwise expressly agreed in writing by us. By making a booking for Black Elephant Digital Studios, you acknowledge you have read and understood and accept these Terms and Conditions.

Our Facilities

We will make the studio and studio engineer available to you for the duration of your agreed booking for your project. Only people directly involved in the project are permitted to come to the studio during your booking and we reserve the right to require any person not involved to leave the premises.

Studio Booking Cost

Depending on your project, full payment or a deposit is required to secure the booking, but the final invoice is generated on the basis of total hours of work and nature of the work. Until a booking is confirmed, and estimate generated, our rates, policies, and equipment may change without notice. It is your responsibility to set limitations on all expenses arising from any session you book. Any limitations on expenses should be clearly expressed to us before commencing any session. A service-specific charge will be added for each additional hour of studio use, and the approximate charges are Rs.1500 per hour, plus applicable taxes.

We do not entertain walk-ins, as a strict policy. Upon payment of the booking fee, a slot for studio hire will be alloted to you.


All prices quoted in our estimate are exclusive of Goods and Services Tax unless otherwise stated. GST of 18% will be added to the final invoice.

File Storage, Back Ups

You may bring your own portable hard drives for the purpose of recording and backing-up your sessions and we will, upon request, provide information regarding correct hard drive specifications. Pen drives (Rs. 700 for 8GB) and hard drives are available as per actual cost, for the transfer of files. However, we take no responsibility for media that deteriorates over time, breaks, develops faults, or is in a format that becomes obsolete. You must promptly notify us in of any defect in or loss of or damage to any masters or other agreed work we do for you.

Infringement of Intellectual Property

Black Elephant Digital is not liable for work that infringes on copyrights/ intellectual property rights of any artist/ record or music label during the course of the project. The responsibility of any legal repercussions lie solely with the client, and any commercial use of digital assets generated are subject to copyright law as per the governing legal framework of India.

Final Handover

We require payment in full before the completion of the project. No recorded media from a session will be turned over to you until outstanding charges for all completed studio work have been paid in full (including post or courier costs, pen drive or storage costs). We will retain a general lien on any master recordings and or materials in our possession for any unpaid balance you may owe to us. You will be liable for any fees, costs and expenses we incur for any data storage.

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